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The Martial Arts Collective is a proven system that guides martial arts instructors in impacting their community the way they want, achieving the outcomes they deserve, and having the lifestyle that suits their family. Based on best practices developed over the past 27 years in the industry, this system is the brainchild of Solomon Brenner, co-founder of Action Karate and author of Black Belt Parenting, and Michael St. John, Director of Operations for Action Karate.  

Together, they lead an organization of 22 martial arts schools in the Philadelphia area with Action Karate and the Martial Arts Collective. Their team includes a full-time staff who receive healthcare and retirement accounts. Last month alone, their schools enrolled over 433 new students with real, sustainable memberships. They also own the properties where their schools are located, a total of $10 million dollars in real estate. 

Accelerator clients get school-growing perks like access to the team behind this multi-million-dollar organizationa standing invitation to be a part of their daily team meetings, and access to the systems required to run a successful school, including everything needed for marketing, enrolling new students, retention, classroom management, instructor development, and much more.   

School owners no longer have to feel alone; they have a network of support in the trenches with them, helping them perform at an elite level. 

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